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My Review of The Final Survival Plan By John Stone

Hank Robertson

This is my full review of the The Final Survival Plan by John Stone. I want to show you exactly what you get inside the program and tell you the pros and cons before you spend your hard earned money. That way, you can decide for yourself if it is something that can help you prepare for the future and protect your family in these scary times.

Introduction: Why Prepping?

Since the 1930’s writers have been giving advice to preppers or ‘would be’ preppers, who were formerly known as survivalists.

Over the years the emergencies and disasters that preppers have been made aware of have changed, mainly because of changes in social or political factors. Due to these changes, preparing to be self-sufficient in the event of a crisis or disaster – and all that goes with this -has also changed drastically over the decades.

So, this is one very good reason to take a look at The Final Survival Plan by John Stone, for up to date, relevant information on how to be prepared in today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world.

The Final Survival Planis a practical guide for dealing with and being prepared for situations beyond your control.

  • Natural events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods, mudslides, forest fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, geomagnetic storms… to name but a few. These affect millions of Americans every year, and cost billions of dollars
  • Acts of terrorism, which as we all know are on the increase. Outright war in the US is unlikely, but this is made up for by the constant rise of extremist terrorists
  • Social and political threats, and infringement by government. The federal government is far larger and more powerful than ever envisioned by the Founding Fathers, and has proved that they will go to ANY lengths to protect their power

About The Creator of The Final Survival Plan

John Stone is very well qualified to share his knowledge with you in this guide. He is a very experienced historian from Wichita, Kansas, and a family man.

He has spent 20 years working on The Final Survival Plan’. He researched and studied from many sources, and uncovered a lot of information and secrets that most people are totally unaware of. While researching, he stumbled upon shocking secrets that have been kept firmly within the deep state. These secrets about potential disasters and catastrophic events have been passed on from president to president, but all the while the rest of us have been kept in the dark.

He has written ‘The Final Survival Planwith families in mind. However, most of the information contained in this guide is applicable to individuals as well – after all it is up to everyone to be prepared and confident that they are able to look after themselves.

If (when) a disaster happens, man made or natural, there will be a period of chaos and John Stone is sharing his experience and knowledge with you so you and your family will be prepared to survive it.

About ‘The Final Survival Plan’ Product

Being prepared is everything. And The Final Survival Plan is clearly written and easy to understand guide that is designed to help you prepare for any disaster the future holds, whether man made or natural.

Many of the sections include check lists detailing what you need to do to be prepared for a crisis or disaster. Some of the sections include lists of pros and cons, which you may not have considered, to help with making important decisions for you, your family and lifestyle.

The guide covers many important survival topics rather than dealing with only one in detail, and nearly all of the guide is applicable to everyone, not just families.

Here is the full list of the contents included in The Final Survival Plan

As you can see, John Stone has produced a pretty comprehensive survival guide.

Let’s take a look at the main points covered here.

The Final Survival Plan: What’s It About?

The Final Survival Plan is a step by step guide on how to keep you and your family safe after a disaster, be that a a natural disaster or manmade.

This system has been designed primarily with families in mind. It doesn’t matter who you are, this plan will secure you regardless of your social status, age, or gender.

The Final Survival Plan will allow you to take a look at what you need to do to prepare in the case of an imminent attack.

This book will teach you some step-by step techniques that will give you a chance in the event of a disaster, will help you understand the importance of making preparations before anything happens, and help you know what to do and how to act, during and after a disaster.

It first covers the 4 basic principles of EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse) survival – and how to prioritize them

  • Protection
  • Location
  • Water
  • Food and Energy.

John then sets out a series of survival techniques that will make such a difference to you and your family’s survival.

He starts with ‘SURVIVAL KIT TECHNICS’, with 3 different types of survival kit that you can prepare. Each one gives it’s pros and cons, and each one has step by step instructions on exactly how to prepare these – including a whole range of pictures to help explain exactly what you need to do.

The detail in this is exceptional – you will not find a better survival kit manual anywhere.

One important point: everyday gear is NOT the same as prepper’s gear.

For example, unsurprisingly one of the 5 essentials is a First Aid Kit. Now most of us have a first aid kit of some kind at home, (probably in an old biscuit tin!) containing sticking plasters, antiseptic cream and aspirin. Think you can use this?

This guide will make you think again. The Final Survival Plan will teach you how to put together a comprehensive medical kit, equivalent to what you would get at any walk-in clinic – and truly fit for purpose.

The next section covers one of the most important things you will need to survive – water.

“Sure, food is important too, but you can live for a while without it; you can’t survive more than a few days without water.”

This is all covered in the ‘WATER TECHNICS’ section.

How To Purify water

Do you know how to extract clean, drinkable water from plants? How to purify water? How to make muddy water clean again, and purify it so you and your family have something to drink?

Without these skills, you have no chance – and this guide shows you EXAVTLY how to do all those things, meaning that no matter what, you WILL be able to source drinking water for you and your family.

No one can be expected to have every skill needed in an emergency, but the next best thing is to have the knowledge required to deal with a situation when it arises – and this guide is the perfect starting point.

Moving on through the guide…

Food is of course essential. Not only for maintaining a healthy body, but also for morale and uniting the family together. And in a survival situation, this is just as important as physical survival. Survival requires high morale, and food is a massive morale builder.

One of the highlights of the day for a close family is the sharing of a meal. This is a very important thing for preppers, especially family preppers.

So, The Final Survival Plan is brilliant for advising you on how to grow the food you will need. A whole range of vegetables are covered, and instructions on how to grow them in all sort of different climates – so no matter what you face, you will be able to provide for your family.

As well as being able to grow your own food, you need to know how to store and preserve it, and how to cook it.

This is where this guide comes into it’s own. Full instructions are included on how to build your own solar powered coolbox (to keep your food fresh and healthy) and how to build your own solar powered cooker.

As with everything in The Final Survival Plan’ , the instructions are step by step simple, and the inclusion of pictures helps make sure that anyone could follow these plans.

The final section is about ‘ENERGY TECHNICS’

Want to know how to build a biogas plant that uses kitchen waster to produce energy?

The Final Survival Plan shows you how in 8 easy steps.

This is the sort of information you need if you want to be prepared to survive the inevitable looming disaster.


As well as the main guide, you also get a whole host of bonus downloads – all top quality products that could easily be sold separately.

Final Survival Plan Bonuses

  • “How To Train Your Mind To Handle Stressful Situations”
    When a crisis occurs, you MUST have your wits about you. You will need to know how to make sure you and your loved ones stay calm and are prepared for the mental stress of such a calamity – this guide shows you exactly how.
  • “How To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones From Dangerous Viruses And Germs”
    you need to know immediately after the Strike how to keep basic hygiene and sanitary conditions, and keep your family safe from disease.
  • “How To Choose The Best Survival Knife”
    This will show you how to choose the best weapons to protect your family from hungry looters.
  • “How To Create Your Best Survival Weapon And Trap”
    Catching game will become a crucial part of your survival – this step by step guide walks you through the best ways you can do this, the best weapons and traps for the job, and how to make them


The Final Survival Planis for you if:

  • You want to get started prepping and want a guide that is easy to understand and covers all the vital survival topics
  • You want training from a true expert that gets straight to the point – no frills, no filler, just straight actionable information
  • You want really good value for money – it even comes with a full money back guarantee


The Final Survival Planis NOT for you if:

  • You want a ‘real’ book. This is only available to download as a PDF (though you can print out a hard copy)
  • You want in depth detail on one particular aspect of preparing for a crisis or disaster. TFSP covers all you need to know, but there are other more suitable guides out there that hone in on specifics if that’s what you’re after
  • If you want face to face personal survival training and have the cash to spend on this (starts around $500 per day), then you need to sign up for a survival camp

Should You Get It?

Are you worried about what the future holds? Do you want to do everything possible to protect your family? Do you want an easy to follow system that you can follow without over-thinking things?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then the answer is yes again – “Yes! You should get The Final Survival Plan’.

Thinking about the amount of information included, and the importance of this information to you and your family’s survival, the product is incredibly cheap. It also has a 60-day money back guarantee.

That’s more than 8 weeks to try it out. You can DEFINITELY use the information in this guide to get visible results within 8 weeks, to prepare for what’s ahead for you and your family… and if you don’t, you can always just ask for a refund.

Because this is sold through Clickbank, you’re guaranteed to get your money back if you ask. It makes it a complete no brainer.

So do give this program a try, and apply it. Application is everything.

Learn what you need to, get the right skills, tools and stockpile and you’ll sleep easier in your bed at night… and THAT is what makes this program worth every cent.

If you’re serious about keeping you and your family safe, then do click the link below to check this out

==> The Final Survival Plan <==

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  1. Yo! This product is seriously AMAZING. I was kinda on the fence about it before, but this reviewer – they know their stuff! Every point they made was spot-on. Broke it down so it made sense even to a newbie like me.

    Honestly, their in-depth review convinced me to take the plunge, and dude, I’m stoked I did! This thing rocks – totally exceeded my expectations. Best purchase in a LONG time.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comments. I appreciate you taking the time to read the review and the other articles on the site.

      I am glad that you got great information out of the ebook. Don’t forget to download the bonus ebooks as well as you will find some things of value in there as well.


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