The Importance of Having a Tactical Flashlight

Hank Robertson

One of the best pieces of equipment any self-respecting prepper or survivalist should have is a tactical flashlight. To a layman, a tactical flashlight may seem just like any other flashlight. However, the opposite is true and a tactical flashlight is extremely useful.

Let’s see how a tactical flashlight differs from a normal flashlight.

Firstly, they’re constructed with a very high grade of aluminum that makes them extremely hard and durable. That makes these flashlights perfect for self-defense.

In fact, there are self-defense classes that are conducted specifically to show people how to defend themselves with these flashlights.
Unlike normal flashlights that are made of plastic or cheap metal, these tactical flashlights will not get bent out of shape and can take a blow without getting damaged.

Secondly, tactical flashlights have a much higher lumens light. While a normal flashlight may be at 15 to 20 lumens, a tactical flashlight could be at 200 lumens or higher.
This is very effective in a self-defense scenario where the light can temporarily blind the person trying to attack you. This will give you an edge in the fight.

Other than that, having such a bright torchlight is perfect for illuminating an entire room during a power outage. If you’re outside in the dark and need to look out for obstacles, pot holes, etc. that may be dangerous, these flashlights will be way better than a normal flashlight at guiding you in the dark.

Another benefit is that if you’re stranded on a highway or somewhere that’s isolated, these flashlights are bright enough to attract attention even from a distance and get you help.

During a survival situation, things may get dangerous if law and order collapses.

Looting, crime sprees, muggings, etc. will go up as unsavory characters are emboldened and go about breaking the law.

Having a firearm is essential during times like these to protect your family and you. Statistics show that most attacks occur in the night when visibility is low. Using a tactical flashlight together with a firearm is very effective.

You may have seen countless TV shows where the detective enters a dark room with a flashlight in one hand and the gun above it. This is not for style and it’s actually known as the Harries technique which is very effective.

There are several other techniques such as the neck index, chapman technique, etc. It would be best for you to enroll in a firearm class that teaches you how to use these tactical flashlights together with a firearm.

Do note that tactical flashlights are definitely more costly than the average flashlight. They range in prices depending on the brightness, features, construction materials, etc. There are many reputable brands like Streamlight and Fenix that have a wide variety of models for you to choose from.

It would be a good idea to check what batteries the flashlight uses. You want it to use batteries that are easily accessible like double AA batteries. If you choose a flashlight that only uses a special rechargeable battery, during an emergency if you’re unable to recharge the battery, your flashlight will be rendered useless.

Do note all these points and make a tactical flashlight as part of your survival kit. It has too many uses to list down here and you’ll only understand how valuable one is when you’re in a situation where you need a bright flashlight. All preppers need a tactical flashlight. Period.

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