When the SHTF, Will Your Family Be Caught In Chaos - or Will You Be Able To Survive Without Fail?


You will be informed of the basics Including:

The Top 3 Areas Where Most People Lack Preparedness
The Importance of a BOB
Ordinary Emergencies Versus SHTF Situations
Why You Need a Meet-Up Plan
The Danger of Ignoring Long-Term Supply Preparations
Preparing Bug Out Bags for Each Member of Your Family
Strategizing a Long-Term Survival Plan
Important Rules to Remember for Survival

When the SHTF, Will Your Family Be Caught in the Chaos - or Will You Be Able to Survive Without Fail?

Some people in the past have snickered at those who were interviewed on TV and shown to be stockpiling supplies for the "end of the world" scenarios.

But what they didn't realize is that those storage supplies weren't for some fictional alien invasion like Hollywood shows - but for real life disasters that are unfolding on TV on a regular basis. Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Ian

...or 9/11

Many people are just now becoming aware of the benefits to survival preparation. It's a mainstream concept now, but you'll still be in the minority - and have many predators to worry about once you're fully ready for whatever may come.

Most People Have a False Sense of Security with Their Survival

Many people rely on the media to help them get prepared when necessary. They assume they'll get plenty of warning for bad weather or even terror threats.

And sometimes, they do! But no one could have predicted the devastation we encountered on September 11th. People weren't ready for the lack of cell service, the transportation being unavailable, etc.

There are so many threats to our survival that we blindly think won't happen to us. They'll have to someone else, but not us.

They might look in their pantries and see quite a few canned goods and feel secure about waiting out a storm.

Or they know they have a handgun locked away in the house, so they're confident they could protect their kids if someone tried breaking in.

But nothing is packed that would allow them to get away quickly from their homes...

Nothing is stocked up to last them more than a long weekend...

Nobody else in the house knows how to defend themselves or how to communicate and find each other if they get separated.

It's a disaster waiting to happen and when the SHTF, it's these people who will initially feel safe, and quickly realize how unprepared they are.

When the SHTF, All Bets Are Off

People you didn't think you had to worry about suddenly become threats during a true survival situation.

It's every man, woman and child for himself.

While there will be some who mildly prepare for disasters, there will be a majority who don't even have the basic supplies to get them through a 3-day situation!

Have you ever seen news broadcasts where they show empty store shelves due to the chaotic panic that occurs whenever a snowstorm is approaching?

Now imagine we get news that a solar blast will hit Earth and knock everyone off the grid for at least 3 months or more!

It would be a situation where no home was safe because someone would be out to steal what others have.

Are You Prepared for SHTF Situations?

Most People Have a False Sense of Security with Their Survival!


Many people rely on the media to help them get prepared when necessary.

Poor Assumptions

They assume they’ll get plenty of warning for bad weather or even terror threats.

Lack of Awareness

Many people are just now becoming aware of the benefits to survival preparation. 

Its, Essential

Survival preparation isn’t an issue where you can procrastinate. It has to be started today and built up over time.

Don't Procrastinate

The longer you wait, the more risk you’re exposing your family to. Imagine the sorrow you’ll feel if you delay preparations and something horrible happens to your family that could have been prevented!

Get Yours Now!

You need to download Are You Prepared for a SHTF Situation right now – before something happens tomorrow that hits too close to home and puts your family in jeopardy. 

Avoid The Top Mistakes Made By Lightweight Preppers

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around among amateur preppers. For instance, some people say things like, “Fill up a few gallon sized milk jugs with water.”

That’s a great way to put your family’s health and life at risk!

In my latest report , you will understand….

How to Deal with Chemical Disasters to Prevent Serious Injury and Death…
Simple Changes You Can Make to Stock Up Without Having to Significantly Increase Your Budget…
How to Handle Short and Long-Term Power Loss…
Ways You Can Avoid the Top 3 Survival Supply Issues to Ensure Your Family Always Has Its Immediate Needs Met…
What You Can Do to Navigate Your City If Public Transportation Has Been Compromised and You Can’t Get to Your Loved Ones…
And A Whole Lot More...


"I Love The Book"

"I initially shied away from this book because it uses the term "SHTF". I realize why the author used this term, but my experience with people who use the abbreviation "SHTF" was that eventually you find out there were door gunners on the space shuttle - in other words, they were full of exactly what they say is going to hit the fan. "SHTF"(Shit Hit The Fan), I love the book a lot."

Joe Bratcher

"Wont Regret IT"

"The book has a practical approach to surviving in cities at war where largely law and order are a vague memory. Good practical advice about what to do to keep breathing and what will get you killed. How cheap life can be under these dangerous conditions. In short, how to stay alive when you're not accustomed to fending for yourself. Go For It Now and you won't Regret it."

Potter Scot

"Most Realistic"

Definitely a need to have for anyone thats into being prepared for disaster. This is by far the most realistic SHTF book I have EVER seen. It's shocking with the things that happened in the ebook, however its real and will change you mind on many things you thought about SHTF and how to prepare for it. If you are a prepper or are starting to think about it, this book is a must.

Graf Thomas

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